Reducing the environmental and ecological impacts of plastics

Above all, we at Exxel Polymers Inc. are a recycler of plastic material recovered at the end of the industrial process and at the end-of-life cycle. We customize compounds for your production that have the mechanical properties and characteristics of virgin resin. From plastic waste, we produce a new, efficient, and, most importantly, 100% recycled raw material. The quality of the EXXEL resin is tested and certified. This quality allows optimal and high-performance large-scale production for parts or products containing recycled content.


16.5 million kilos

of plastic diverted from landfills

circles circles equal

16.5 million kilos

of 100% recycled raw material

By reconditioning post-consumer (PCR) and pre-consumer (PRE) / post-industrial (PIR) plastics, we became an important strategic link in the plastic’s circular economy value chain. We can quantify and certify the PCR composition and provide a COA certification for each of our productions and formulations.

When you need to overcome the most complex challenges, the Exxel Polymers Inc. team is your first line partner.

Even before bringing our expertise and knowledge together in compounding and plastic recycling, our dearest wish was to found a working and living environment where we would have the pleasure of collaborating with a great team, each day, and be a part of a great common project. It is the combination of all the talents, know-how, and passion of our team and our partners that make EXXEL a caring and innovative company that continues to grow.

The growing demand for recycled resin gives us the opportunity to expand the facility and the laboratory by 44,200 square feet. With the addition of advanced technologies and analytical instruments to test and certify the reliability of our resin, we aim to remain eco-responsible leaders and to actively contribute to reducing the environmental impact of end-of-life plastics.


Charles Bourdeau

Eric Fradette

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