Personal development, health (including its full gym, among other things) and work-life balance are central to the success of EXXEL Polymers. As an employer, we aim to be dynamic, attentive and respectful of personal and corporate values within a friendly work environment.



Plastic waste in the form of pieces, granules or beads are recovered and analyzed in order to meet the customer’s specific molding needs.


The plastics expertise is the trump card of our organization and ensures our knowledge about the products we develop and ship, as well as their quality and accuracy.


A collaborative approach is the primary focus of our business, while fulfilling our commitments is what drives our actions.


At EXXEL Polymers, we strive to be recognized for our vitality, expertise and flexibility, both in the industry and in our commitment to the communities (family, employees, region, industry and sustainable development).


Open-mindedness and dynamism

Expertise – Laboratory and continuous training

Sustainable development

Productivity, efficiency and versatility

Teamwork – Solidarity and cooperation

Flexibility – Adaptability